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Social Treatment Opportunity Programs Date: 01/02/2015

The 2014 business year for Social Treatment Opportunity Programs (STOP) was a year that saw the business operations finally begin to stabilize and shake off some of the effects of the Great Recession. The following information reflects the performance of the business as a whole and the CD programs in specific; as well as other pertain information:

Stakeholder Surveys - The CD Program set an ambitious goal of achieving a rating of four out of a possible five outcome on subjects studied: 1) ease of getting care 2) waiting time 3) staff behavior and attitude 4) cost of treatment and billing procedures 3) the overall comfort and condition of the facilities. All facilities scored an aggregate average of at least four.

There were suggestions for improvement by the clients and other stakeholders such as:
– make treatment a little more affordable
– open more offices in various locations
– the group rooms can do with fewer chairs

Financial Information - Every office (except the Aberdeen and Ellensburg offices) in the STOP organization met its budgeted sales, income and net profit margins. The sales were material in producing referrals and intakes at a level above sufficient to stabilizing program client participation. The revenue generated from sales met and exceeded expectations; therefore, STOP rewarded the staff with a token of appreciation using the residual net profits.

Other Relevant Information - In this upcoming year; all focus will be on continuing the progress made in the past year. Some areas of locus will be: marketing projects that incorporate a macro view (such as hosting the Washington Bar Association); contracts with Medicaid and Veterans insurance programs; scouting areas around the State for opportunities to open new offices; and replenishing the office improvements budgets for the betterment of service delivery.

From: Andrew Tatum, Administrator/CFO

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