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Impact Panels

Alcohol/Drug Information School

This program lasts a minimum of eight hours. It is  educational and focuses on decision making, as well  as psychological, sociological, physiological, and  legal consequences of alcohol/drug consumption  and traffic safety. The program is offered on  Saturday. Classes are often full, so schedule  promptly to ensure timely completion.  The mission of the Washington Alcohol and Other  Drug Information School (ADIS) is to promote  public safety by reducing the number of injuries and  fatalities due to driving under the influence of  alcohol and other drugs. Individuals attend this  course because their use of alcohol and other drugs  has put them and others at risk. The course  encourages effective decision- making skills and the  reduction of recidivism by providing participants  with accurate information about alcohol and other  drugs and assisting them in making changes to their  high-risk substance use

D.U.I. Impact Panel

This is a two-hour  educational  component required  by Washington  State Law for DUI  recipients. Class  members may be  interfaced with  victims of  alcohol/drug related  accidents. This class impacts on a feeling level.  Lessons are carried away at feeling level  instead of a thought level. Images of families  and children who may never be here again will  be carried away with you.

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